c-Stem™ Pluripotency System

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The c-Stem system is used for attachment, culture, staining and imaging of embryonic or induced pluripotent stem cells to view pluripotency markers of choice.  Up to 16 separate clones or cultures are assessed in a single experiment of less than 24 hours duration. 

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Key Applications

Stem Cell Quality Control


Human, xeno-free

Usage Statement

Research Use Only

Detection Options

End user defined; Bright-field or fluorescent


Light or fluorescent microscope, DNA array reader, high content imager, slide scanner, other microscopy

Reduced Protocol

 1. Culture hESC or iPSC clones using desired feeder-free method.

2. Add 25,000 to 100,000 cells per clone to each of 16 chambers in c-Stem system. 

3. Incubate overnight.

4. Remove media.  Wash, fix and stain slide using standard methods.

5. Image cells on fluorescent microscope or other device. 


Ships on cold packs; Store at -20°C, stable 1 year (do not freeze thaw); cell culture ready

Kit Components

 c-Stem Pluripotency Array system consists of one c-Stem Pluripotency Array slide; one ChamberMatrix 16-well assay chamber; one silicone seal, two metal clamps; one chamber lid. All components are pre-assembled and ready to use. 16-well assay chamber; silicone seal, metal clamps; chamber lid are reusable. Replacement slides are available Cat # CM502012-1 (1 slide) and Cat # CM502012-4 (4 slides).