ChamberMatrix™ 16 Cell Culture System

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ChamberMatrix™ 16 Cell Culture System consists of a single use MicroMatrix™ ECM slide within a chamber system.  It contains a microscope glass slide functionalized with a proprietary hydrogel on the surface.  Eight extra cellular matrix proteins including Collagen I, Collagen III, Collagen IV, Collagen V, Collagen VI, Fibronectin, Laminin, and Vitronectin are deposited onto the hydrogel surface as printed array spots.  The 16 well chamber has SBS compliant 96 well spacing and clips can be removed so that the apparatus fits on to microtiter plate imaging instruments using the MicroStem SlideHolder™.

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Key Applications

Cell culture, cell activity, cell imaging


Xeno-free human components; may react with other mammalian species

Usage Statement

Unless otherwise stated in company literature, all products are intended for research purposes only and are not to be used for other purposes

Detection Options

End user defined; bright-field or fluorescent


Microscopes, DNA array readers, high content imagers

Reduced Protocol

In a sterile hood:

  1. Without touching surface chamber from package
  2. Remove lid
  3. Add cells + media to chamber + experimental compounds (optional)
  4. Incubate cells
  5. Aspirate unattached cells
  6. Fix/stain/analyze 

Chamber apparatus is reusable.  Chaber, gasket, and clips may be autoclaved.  Chamber lid should be sterilized using 70% ETOH.  Slides are not reusable. ChamberMatrix™ slides are available seperatley MicroStem Catalogue # CM062011.


Ship cold packed; Stable -20°C 6 months (do not freeze thaw); cell culture ready

Kit Components

One 75mm x 25mm ChmaberMatrix™ slide printed with 8 ECMPs in 16 wells 1 ECMP/well. Chamber and slide combination comes pre-assembled and ready for use.  ChambersMatrix™ can be disassembled and apparatus can be reused.  Replacement slides are available in packs of 4 through the MicroStem catalogue.