MicroStem’s MicroMatrix™ ECM Arrays

Cellular Microenvironment:  The interactions between cell to cell, cell to extracellular matrix (ECM), growth factors, and signaling molecules, determine the cell behavior including proliferation, differentiation, and drug sensitivity. It has been challenging to identify the optimal sets of physiological relevant conditions to study cell types such as primary human cancer cells, neurons, hepatocytes, cardiomyocytes, human embryonic stem cells (hESCs), induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), hematopoietic stem cells.

MicroMatrix™ Technology:  Based on MicroStem's proprietary printing technology, the MicroMatrix™ ECM Array is an array of hundreds of combinations of fully defined ECMs, printed on a hydrogel pad that minics the rigidity components found inside the body. The MicroMatrix ECM Array enables cell biologists to study the matrix effect on cell attachment, growth, and functions efficiently.



 - Study hundreds of unique microenvironments simultaneously
 - Fully defined ECMs enable highly reproducible data
 - Physiologically relevant, human in origin (xeno-free)
 - Easy to use, does not require robotic liquid handling
 - Flexible platform, compatible with a wide range of fluorescent imaging systems